Founded in 2014, Patrick Lalande Your Car Broker is a company dedicated to helping individuals to negotiate the purchase of a new vehicle. Its mission is to provide brokerage services for new cars and trucks at the best possible price.  The company’s vision is to provide its clients with a personalized, efficient and courteous brokerage service.

Patrick Lalande

Patrick Lalande Courtier automobileCar broker

The company’s founder, Patrick Lalande, has an educational background in social work, which led him to develop an interest in human relations and a desire to listen, help others and make a difference in their lives. He worked for a time as assistant director of the family business, in charge of new vehicle purchases. His responsibilities included negotiating and signing new contracts, contributing to the growth of the business.

While working as a financial director at Quadpro St-Jérôme and Honda Sainte-Rose, Patrick discovered that many people have trouble negotiating the purchase of a new vehicle. This prompted him to put his experience in the auto industry and his knowledge of finance to good use, offering a turnkey service to help and guide people through the process of buying a vehicle. He then decided to start his own company. “People need someone they can trust to guide them through the purchase process”.

Patrick is an active member of the MRC de Deux-Montagnes Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI2M) and a board member of CCI2M’s Aile Relève (young professionals division).  He is also a select member of GR Business Networking and an official supplier for AQIII (Quebec Association of IT Freelancers), and has recently entered a partnership with the Chambre Immobilière des Laurentides (Laurentian real estate Board).

Valérie Pilon

Valérie Pilon courtier automobileDirector of Sales

Born to entrepreneur parents who built their own business, Valérie Pilon displayed an early interest in trucks and vehicles of all types. “My father owned several trucks, so it was easy for me to climb on board and even to learn to drive them.  My passion for all kinds of trucks and vehicles has only grown over time”.

The accounting experience she acquired while running a catering service led her to develop a sense of fairness and mutual profitability when dealing with others.

Today Valérie is the director of sales at Patrick Lalande Your Car Broker. She provides the first contact with the client, offering guidance and information to help them make thoughtful and well-informed decisions. The personalized service she provides helps to ensure that every transaction runs smoothly.


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